Crew Ffres

Crew Ffres (fresh crew)

Crew Ffres

Ffres is a street dance, all male dance group aged 10-16. The group was put togther by TDM, with the aim of promoting male dance. The group is made up 5 boys each with a different flava - bboys, lockers , poppers- street dancers. All of the boys currently also dance with Notorious but were put together for Alesha Dixon street dance Stars - where they went on to win their Ballet Dance challenge and to reach the finals.

Here at TDM we like to encourage male dancers and promote it, we are currently in the process of setting up a younger company that will be led by some of the boys from ffres.

To get involved and join our new boys groups please contact us.

Dance isn't just for girls!!

For more information on Ffres, please contact us.